Alright so this is my first time bloggin’ so bear with me!

I am super stoked for this website debut! I have been dying to create something to reflect my work and show clients who I am. And my lack of being tech savvy has hindered that for awhile so I had to enlist some help! Thankfully Media Novak created this stellar website for me and were a dream to work with.

So you can read the about me section and kind of get a feel for who I am. But first and foremost I am a mama! A mama to two adorable boys!

SRP_1055 copy

Yup I know they are adorable. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook be prepared to see their faces daily. So if you don’t like cute babies I am not for you. With that being said I am a crazy cat lady but don’t judge. However back to being on topic. Being a mama has given me a new light into my photography and made me look at situations differently. Once you have kids I think the saying “you never know the meaning of a moment until it becomes a memory” rings more true than ever. Being a mama has made me look and document the following moments.



These moments in time are irreplaceable. The love that is displayed in each picture makes my heart happy. Because its the simple things. Its the softness of the bride with her little girl and the admiration you can see on her face. The softness of a mama’s hand as she reaches to help her little boy down. A little boy who all too soon will become a man and his small hands will be replaced with larger ones and not need that helping hand to take that big step. Or the gentle hug of a little boy to his mommy that he adores more than anything in the world. And finally the carefree spirit of a child, running in the wind, dancing with her sister and the list goes on. These moments depict a moment in time and place in one’s life, an instant of happiness.

I’ve also began to look at love differently after being a mother. Love is such a broad feeling/emotion. It is depicted in every photo above but can also be illustrated between a couple.



The way he makes her laugh, the way he holds her hand, how comfortable she feels in his arms, how you look at one another or simple a smile on a bride’s face as she’s finishing getting ready because she just simply can’t wait to marry the guy of her dreams. These moments make ones heart come alive.

I put my heart and soul into this because I know what this means to you. And I walk away from each session feeling like I have felt the love and emotion from my clients during their photo shoot. And that feeling lets me know that I am able to deliver not only quality images but quality images that evoke emotion and passion between the subjects.

I would love to be the person to capture these moments for you. If anything you saw or read here caught your heart then maybe we would be a great pair. Also in honor of my website launch and black friday I am offering 20% off of wedding packages with a free 16×20 canvas and 10% off of family sessions.

Thanks for taking your time listen to me! Deuces!